With roots deep in traditional Southern Gospel music, The Shepherd’s Staff always bless their audience as well as keep them entertained with a comfortable mix of everything from modern blends of harmonies to convention style gospel songs. The group, based in Roanoke, VA has gone through several versions since their beginning in 1998 but the current collection of talent has hit their stride in a way that has all three members comfortable with where they are musically.



Pete Roberts 

Pete Roberts, one of the original members of the group, has been a Southern Gospel fan and active with several groups through the last 30 years, but until the mid 90’s mostly behind the scenes. When he was asked to fill in one weekend for The Virginians Quartet in 1994 he knew that he preferred to be on the stage, not behind it. Pete sings tenor, but still handles the sound and other logistical responsibilities. He is thankful that God has opened the door to be part of The Shepherd’s Staff.





Ron Porter
Ron Porter is a veteran Gospel singer with experience in several groups in Southwest Virginia such as The Esquires, The Southern Statesmen and Southern Gold. His lead voice is a significant part of the Shepherd’s Staff’s sound and his arranging skills give variety and impact to the group’s performance. Ron’s background as Minister of Music and Choir Director in churches in Richmond, VA and Roanoke give him the background to add color and impact to the songs the group brings to the stage.




Gerry Spencer

Gerry Spencer plays keyboard and sings baritone as well as handling most of the emcee duties when the group does live performances. Gerry spent several years in secular music in both Atlanta and Nashville, including a stint as musician and backup singer for the late Roy Orbison, but his childhood love for gospel brought him back to that style in the late 90’s. When a local minister asked him to assist with the music at his church The Shepherd’s Staff was born.




What the group has evolved to is a crisp, exciting sound of seasoned singers punctuated by fresh arrangements and a heart for ministry. Each of these men feel God has called them to this place in time to be used to reach souls for Christ and encourage believers where they sing. You will truly feel the joy and love of The Shepherd…..when you hear The Shepherd’s Staff.

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